Short-term change of the exhibition program!
• The exhibition of the Tassilo Chalice is cancelled

LEGO. Worlds of the past - rebuilt brick by brick

Extended until 8th January 2017

Everyone who has ever played with the world-famous little colourful bricks will know: virtually everything can be rebuilt with LEGO.
Come visit the Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt this summer to see its new special exhibition and you will see how LEGO can even bring (Pre-) History to life!

Until 8th January 2017, the Archäologisches Museum will take its small and not so small visitors on a time travel through different periods of the human past. Germany’s only Certified LEGO Professionals, the company “Design in Stein”, have been working hard for us to create six miniature worlds showing scenes from different periods of the human past.
Watch Stone Age hunters taking down a mighty mammoth, Roman soldiers marching along the Limes, a Viking ship returning home from a raid, and medieval traders offering their products in a busy market town...

Mind you, our LEGO professionals can even create paintings! People of the past left wonderful pieces of art work in caves, on the walls of rooms, or the pages of a book – come see them recreated entirely with LEGO bricks. You will get a completely new view of these ancient masterpieces.
Compare the LEGO worlds with original archaeological objects from our museum collections. What did the things people used in the past actually look like? How could tools made of stone be used for hunting? What sort of objects would you find in a real Roman fort?
After admiring the LEGO landscapes, you can rebuild and invent your own scenes from the past in two fantastic play areas with Lego bricks. We also have DUPLO bricks for our smallest visitors.