Blick auf die Jupitersäulen

KasemattenThe archaeological exhibition in the „Friedberg Bastion" is open again!
In 2009, the Office for Historic Monuments was able to expose a section of the City's fortifications in part of the grounds belonging to the Orphanage Foundation. The military architect Johann Wilhelm Dillich had had these
fortifications erected from 1628 onwards. In the course of these works, an underground gallery could be revealed, such as is evidently not preserved at any other part of Frankfurt's baroque city wall. With a walkable length of over 40 m (131 feet) and a height clearance of 4 m (13 feet), this defensive construction represents an imposing and important cultural monument.
Following flooding, the casemates were replaced by a star-shaped defensive wall. This 3.5 m (11 feet) broad wall is still visible today over a 30 m (33 yard) stretch of the side of the wall which was facing potential attackers.
Following renovation, this unique defensive structure can be seen within the newly-built foundation for the orphanage.
Guided tours (in German only) for a limited number of interested visitors on the following dates

• 29th April, 2 pm Sold out
• 29th April, 3:30 pm Sold out
• 29th April, 5 pm Sold out
• 6th May, 2 pm Sold out
• 6th May, 3:30 pm two tickets available
• 6th May, 5 pm Sold out
• 27th May, 2 pm Sold out
• 27th. May, 3:30 pm Sold out
• 3rd June, 2 pm Sold out
• 3rd June, 3:30 pm four tickets available
• 3rd June, 5 pm four tickets available
• 17th June, 2 pm Sold out
• 17th Juni, 3:30 pm Sold out
• 24th June, 2 pm Sold out
• 24th June, 3:30 pm Sold out

Tours for families with children aged 6 years and over:

• 15th April, 2 pm Sold out
• 15th April, 3:30 pm Sold out


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Meet in front of the courtyard entrance, Bleichstraße 10
Duration ca. 60 minutes
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